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At Proiekt we offer the subcontracting of draughtsmen and technicians for design, calculation and technical support. We have specialists for all programs.



servicios diseño sketch up 3D




servicios diseño Autocad


servicios diseño Max design 3D

3D Max

servicios diseño Revit Autodesk


servicios  diseño Inventor Autodesk


servicios introducción de datos en excel


servicios diseño Solidworks

Solid Works

servicios diseño Solidedge

Solid Edge

servicios diseño Unigraphics


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servicios introducción de datos en excel

PTC - Creo

servicios introducción de datos en excel




Our service is for hours worked and with maximum transparency since you can time, observe your draughtsman's screen and calculate the efficiency of our work


These are some of the sectors in which we offer services to our customers:

Subcontratacion planos proyecto

Electrical sector

Subcontracting plans and electrical diagrams

In many projects it is required the accomplishment of electrical blueprints, modifications and corrections of existing ones, delivery of documentation, etc. These are tasks that can be easily subcontracted allowing engineers to save time and money, and at the same time enable engineers to focus on their most important tasks.

Architecture, urbanism and

interior design sector

Outsourcing blueprints, 3D's and renders for architecture and interior design

Architects, consultants, interior designers and individuals often need support with technical staff in times of peak work or special projects. At Proiekt we help companies by subcontracting architects, draughtsmen and engineers with experience in the sector and high knowledge of the required software. It can be contracted by the hour, by the day, or by how the client pleases the most. We can make blueprints, 3D's and renders for presentations.

Subcontratacion planos proyecto



Subcontratacion planos fabricacion

Industrial sector

Outsourcing draughtsmen with Inventor, Solidworks, Catia, Solid Edge, PTC-Creo

In many industrial sectors a technical office with engineers and draughtsmen is required for the development of blueprints, 3D, presentations, etc. When for economic or personnel reasons it is not feasible to have these engineers it is very common to subcontract a draughtsman for specific hours or days or at times of peak work. This service saves money, time and bureaucracy.

Sector BIM

Subcontracting draughtsmen REVIT, Archicad and Tekla

Model-based softwares are currently used to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. These allow a multidisciplinary design process of collaborative design. In Proiekt we are experts in these programs and we work in Revit, Archicad and Tekla.

Subcontratacion planos lavanderia
Subcontratacion planos licencia actividad

Realization blueprints license activity

Opening of local or building permit

Many entrepreneurs and businessmen, require blueprints for their activity license or for opening a local, in most cases this blueprint can even be done by yourself. If you do not have the knowledge Proiekt can help you, just send us the sketches and measures and we convert them to professional blueprints, which you can submit to the municipality or entity concerned.

Outsourcing 3D designs and infographics

For catalogues or presentations

At specific moments many companies require 3D designs or infographics of their products to present to their customers, display in catalogs, or even for decision making in the development of new products. In Proiekt we carry out these works from your blueprints or sketches and according to your needs.


Data input

Data input to Excel, Word, Access & PowerPoint

Companies of all sectors often require the introduction of data to the program Excel, Word, Access, etc from pdf's, scans, or other formats, these are long and boring tasks that can be subcontracted saving time that can be dedicated to what really matters. At Proiekt we also help companies with this type of services.

Outsourcing Project Plans

Builders & Engineering & Architects

Once the engineers have calculated the project (assembly, slab thickness, foundations, drainage, structures, paving, pumping, finishing, etc.) it is time to reflect the results on the blueprints,  in Proiekt we help in the realisation of the project by making  the blueprints following the indications and results of  the engineers/architects.

Subcontratacion planos proyecto

Outsourcing kitchen plans

Consultants & Commercial

In some sectors, to encourage a sale, blueprints are required so that the customer can see and understand their future local with the new product. For example, in the hotel sector, industrial kitchens require blueprints to optimise space and understand the placement of new machines. Proiekt offers a fast and professional service to this type of needs.

Outsourcing blueprints As built

Construction & Engineering

Once the project is finished, in many cases it is required the realization of the final blueprints (As built), which are modifications of the initial ones, due to the final construction being carried out differently than the forseen one. At Proiekt, thanks to our applications, we facilitate the transfer of information and communication for the correct execution of As-built blueprints.


Technical support for mathematical calculations and analysis 

Calculations, analyses, modelling, simulations, etc.

In the design of products, study of projects or before the start-ups, calculations, analyses, simulations, modeling, etc. need to be carried out with mathematical calculation programmes or professionals specialised in the sector. From Proiekt we cover this part of the engineering contributing technicians and mathematicians with experience in the software with which they work.

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