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Grow your team when you need

With Proiekt you can expand your team with technical specialists in your sector quickly and according to your needs. Grow your company without risks, without bureaucracy and with complete flexibility.

Outsourcing does not mean having to pay more for the service. With Proiekt you can save up to 45% of what you would pay by hiring an employee with the same skills and experience.

Save money by subcontracting


Hire only according to your needs

Have the flexibility to hire only according to your needs. There is no minimum hire period at Proiekt, we can provide you with the highest performing specialists to support your projects for 2 hours, 2 days or 20 days, just tell us what you need!

Toda la información y progreso de su proyecto, adaptable a sus necesidades

Flexibility to grow quickly

With Proiekt you will have the flexibility to grow quickly and safely. We have an extensive database of talented specialists organised according to their knowledge, skills, software and sector experience that allows us to identify and best match specialists in an agile way when they are required.

Técnicos, delineantes y calculistas

We'll provide you with a specialist in the software you work

At Proiekt we provide specialists in the software in which you need to work, whether for design, calculations or technical support, so that our collaboration achieves the best results.



servicios diseño sketch up 3D

Google SketchUp

servicios de análisis con Ansys


servicios diseño Autocad


servicios diseño Max design 3D

3D Max

servicios diseño Revit Autodesk


servicios  diseño Inventor Autodesk


servicios introducción de datos en excel


servicios diseño Solidworks

Solid Works

servicios diseño Solidedge

Solid Edge

servicios diseño Unigraphics


servicios de cálculo con MathWorks


servicios de cálculo con Cype


servicios de cálculo con Matlab


servicios introducción de datos en excel

PTC - Creo

servicios introducción de datos en excel


servicios de diseño con Tekla


We have experience in your sector

Our team of specialists comes from a varied background. Adaptation to your projects is quick and reinforced with specific sector knowledge and experience.

Obra Civil
Productos construcción - Mobiliario
Energía solar
Piping MEP
Energía Eólica
Electricidad y electrónica
Tuberías, colectores, P&ID
Pintura y acabados
Impresoras 3D y productos 3D
Biogas y energias renovables
Laser torno y corte en general
Aeropuertos y transporte aereo
Nuclear, carbón, centrales térmicas
Oil i gas
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Our team of specialists are educated in your industries

The Proiekt team is made up of Architects, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Miners, Industrialists, Mechatronics Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians, Electronics, Project Managers, administrators and others who will add value to your team.

Control Tiempos

Monitor the hours we work

Every specialist uses the ProiektTimes application to track the time worked and capture the entire work-process. All the information is stored in the cloud, so that our clients can access it and review at any time.

conseguir delineante
delineantes economicos
control subcontratcion delineante
control externalizacion delineante

Control the times worked by each individual, on each project, at any time

With the ProiektTimes application you can see the time worked by specialist or project according to the time period you request.

Recording of the screen so that you can see and control how the work is carried out

Thanks to the ProiektTimes application you can see your specialist's screen at any time, this allows you to control that the work is carried out correctly and that the draughtsman is working on the assigned project, we are totally transparent and you have peace of mind that the time invoiced matches the time worked.

Control del trabajo
tiempo CAD

Grabación de la pantalla durante la realización del trabajo


High productivity and

efficiency of your technician

With our application you can monitor the efficiency of the specialist based on the activity of the mouse and keyboard, in addition to ensuring that the hours' tracked are hours actually worked, so you get a much higher productivity than in other work environments.


Video conference

your team

Do you want to explain a job and need to talk face-to-face with your specialist? Don't worry, Proiekt can send you a link and you can share screens, explain the scope of a project or clarify details.

Live Chat with your team on the same platform

In our Project Management platform, you can chat with your team whenever you want, facilitating communication direct with your specialist is a priority.

solicite trabajos en autocad
servicios autocad

Feedback to improve collaboration

In order for your projects to be successful, we facilitate communication between the client
and the specialist through our online management platform.


Forget about emails, do you need modifications? Explain in detail or retouch the blueprint and attach the photo, we'll fix it in a moment.

Gestión proyectos

Project Management Application

Thanks to our Project Management application, you will be able to control each of your projects and keep all the information and communication in one place, accessible at any time for both you and your Proiekt team. Traditional or alternative channels of communication are also acceptable.


Every element of your project is in the cloud

All of your project documents are stored in the cloud, so you can access them anywhere, anytime. You and your specialist will always see the same information and work on the same page.

With Proiekt you will be able to manage your projects, control times, see the draughtsman's screen and communicate with him from any place using your any device.

Web devices-pana.png

Manage your projects from any device


Confidential and secure outsourcing

At Proiekt we understand how important confidentiality and security is to our customers. For this reason, all our communications are sent in a secure way, our system uses symmetric (AES 128) and asymmetric encryption (AES 128 / RSA 2048) to encrypt emails end-to-end to secure information and files.

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